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teach only love for that is what you are.

teach only love for that is what you are.

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the front of this card says, teach only love for that is what you are. 

One of the quintessential verses from A Course In Miracles. (T-6.I.13:2)

All there is is love and fear, the choice is always available.

you can gift it to someone to write their own or you can write on it what you're grateful for about them.

For people who get what it means to struggle and want to smash the shame stigmas by opening conversation. Sometimes you want to let someone know you're thinking of them but aren't quite sure where to start, Gentle Health Ink. has you covered with over 50 cute designs celebrating the sacredness of simply being. It's more than just a card, it's a place where fragile souls can be safe to be themselves. It's about laughing a little together when things are really shitty. It's about courage to change damaging history.

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