Infinity Mandala Meditation

Infinity Mandala Meditation

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Each colouring page is hand-drawn and then digitized, ready for your own colouring meditation or to be left black and white.

When you're ready to colour, it can be instantly downloaded and printed!

*For best results, print it on paper that will accept the type of media you intend to use. Lazer printing on watercolour paper works nicely for water media and paints because the toner won't dissolve. Inkjet prints are fine for dry media.


  • You will not receive anything in the mail!
  • After you have purchased, you will receive the high-quality digital file straight to your inbox. You can print this out as many times as you would like!
  • Your order will include 1 PNG file (300 DPI)

NOT FOR RESALE copyright owned by artist Carrie Mitchell.